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Champix works in the brain to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The medication also decreases the pleasure that people get from smoking. It blocks the nicotine’s effects in your body.

Champix is a drug that helps decrease withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It also reduces the feeling of pleasure that you obtain from smoking cigarettes. Champix also blocks the effects of nicotine in your body.


What is Champix?


Champix falls under a class of drugs used for smoking cessation therapies. The active ingredient varenicline may help you quit smoking when you are not getting favorable results from nicotine replacement therapy, or deemed inappropriate for your health condition. Champix is prescribed to adults in conjunction with quit-smoking education and counseling.


What Effect Does Champix Have In The Body?


Champix targets the brain to decrease cravings and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. It also helps reduce the pleasure you get by smoking cigarettes and blocks the effects of nicotine in your system. There are nicotine receptors in the brain that releases dopamine. When you inhale cigarette smoke, the receptors release dopamine when the nicotine binds with it.

  Once you are finished smoking, the dopamine and nicotine levels in your body start to drop, you will start craving another cigarette to offset feelings of craving and withdrawal. Although it is still unclear how Champix works, it is said to help by working on the receptors that bind with the cigarette's nicotine. 


How Do Patients Benefits From Using Champix?


Patients are prescribed Champix because it is beneficial as a smoking cessation drug if nicotine replacement therapy is deemed inappropriate or ineffective.


How Is Champix Used?


Champix should be used daily for three days at an initial dose of 0.5mg. The next following four days frequency should be increased by taking 0.5mg twice a day. The remaining days of the therapy should continue at 0.5mg twice each day up to 1mg twice a day. The dosage each day should not exceed a twice-daily dose of 1mg Champix. 

  Champix is taken with water, preferably after meals.

  Champix should be utilized in conjunction with quit-smoking counseling and education. Your doctor will discuss the method best suited for your condition. The following are approaches that your physician may recommend to you:

  Gradual Quit Approach: You will take Champix and decrease smoking gradually. The goal of this method is to quit smoking after 12 weeks. Some patients can quit before the 12-week period ends. Your physician may recommend that you continue Champix treatment for an extra 12 weeks – 24 weeks in total for quit-smoking therapy.

  Flexible Quit Approach: The flexible quit approach allows you to set the quit date from the second week up to the fifth week after the Champix treatment commenced. The treatment will last 12 weeks. To ensure the success of quit-smoking therapy, the treatment should not be shorter than 12 weeks and continue for another 12 weeks to reduce the likelihood of smoking again.

  Fixed Quit Approach: Patients should start treatment about 1 to 2 weeks before the date you plan to quit smoking. The treatment can continue for a total of 12 weeks.

  Some patients turn to smoke again as they are finishing the course of treatment. Your physician may reduce the Champix dose gradually as you are starting to stop using the medicine to decrease the likelihood of starting to smoke again.

  Patients who fail the treatment should keep in mind that the battle to quit smoking does not end there. The reasons for smoking should be identified before starting the treatment again to reduce the chances of failing the succeeding treatment.

  Your doctor is the best professional to prescribe and provide instructions on how to take Champix based on your current medical state. In case you forget to take your Champix dose, take the tablet as soon as possible, and continue taking Champix on the prescribed schedule. In case the next dose is too near the time when you realized you forgot a dose, skip the missed Champix dose. Keep in mind that you should never double your Champix dose to make up for the forgotten medication schedule.

  Champix must be taken exactly as recommended by your doctor. In the event that you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember, then continue with your regular schedule. If your next regular schedule is too close to the time when you remembered that you missed a dose, just skipped the missed dose. Do not double the dose as makeup for the one you missed.


Is It Possible To Buy Champix Online?


Oracle Lab offers a variety of prescription-only and over-the-counter medications such as Champix. But first, you need to undergo an online consultation with one of our health professionals before supplying your medications. The online medical consultation is necessary to make sure you need Champix to resolve or treat your health condition.
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